What is a Science Quest Workshop?

Two energetic university students from the Science Quest team enter your classroom equipped with supplies and enthusiasm for a 90 minute science, engineering, and technology workshop. Our dynamic workshops contain exciting demonstrations, interactive experiments, and hands-on projects. For each grade, there is a workshop that directly ties to curriculum expectations for Matter and Energy.  After the workshop, your class will have developed an excitement for science, while interacting with positive university role models.

Our workshops are designed for grades 3 to 8 and are made to increase science literacy in youth as well as inspire ALL children to pursue sciences and consider careers in science, engineering and technology. In 2016, we reached over 4700 students across Ontario through our workshops alone.

French Workshops – Ateliers en français!

Encore en 2016, on vous offre tous nos ateliers fantastiques en Français!

Again in 2016, we will offer all of our amazing workshops in french!
Workshop registration for 2017 will open in February, so be sure to check back for our new set of workshop topics!


HC kemptville small 1
Grade 6 students at Holy Cross School in Kemptville testing out their Mars rovers on the rocky Mars terrain.
Queen Elizabeth small 1
Segen showing grade 4 students at Queen Elizabeth School in Perth some characteristics of rocks and minerals.


Science Quest reached all of these communities in May and June in 2016 through classroom workshops!