Lunch Program

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Note: there is also an option to opt-in for a “Snacks Only” program where campers would get 2 snacks each day for $10/week. Campers can also bring in loonies and toonies for snacks throughout the week!

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Friday is also Pizza Day! It is $2 per slice and must be paid Friday morning to Emily Lind with the Pizza signs. Campers who are in the lunch program with still get soup if desired, but may also pay for pizza!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Weekly Menu


Alphabet Soup, Garlic Crostini’s, Fruit Kebobs


Vegetable Noodle Soup, Vegetables and Dip, Fruit Cocktail Cups


Potato Soup, Garlic Bread, Crushed Oreos and Gummy Worms


Tomato Macaroni Soup (Cheddar is Optional), Goldfish and Potato Chips, Jello Cups with Dried Apricot and Gummy Fish


Fajita Soup, Salsa and Chips, Chocolate Dipped Banana with Marshmallow and Nerds Candy