Workshop Topics

2019 Workshop Topics

We are excited to announce our 2019 workshop topics, use the quick-links below to help navigate!

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Grade 1: Materials, Objects and Everyday Structures


In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to explore objects and the materials that they are composed of. They will observe how the structure of an object is impacted by its materials and their properties.

Grade 2: Movement


This interactive workshop will allow your students to explore simple machines and how they impact our daily lives. Your students will have the opportunity to combine multiple simple machines to create mechanisms and observe how they impact movement.


Grade 3: Strong and Stable Structures


This workshop will allow your students to explore structures and the factors that affect a structure’s strength and stability. Students will have the chance to observe how a structure is impacted by its surrounding forces and the need for a structure to resist these forces in order to be useful.



Grade 4: Light and Sound

In this workshop, students will have the chance to explore light and sound and how these forms of energy interact with our environment. This workshop will allow students to observe different materials that can be used to transmit, reflect, or absorb light and sound and how light and sound impact our daily lives.



Grade 5: Conservation of Energy and Resources 


This workshop will introduce your students to the concept of energy. Students will explore different renewable and non-renewable energy sources to help them understand the importance of conservation and how energy choices can have both immediate and long-term impacts.



Grade 6: Electricity and Electrical Devices


Your students will have the opportunity to explore electricity and different devices that allow electricity to be converted into other forms of energy. This workshop will allow your students to understand how electricity impacts our daily lives and the importance of minimizing electricity’s impact on the environment.



Grade 7:  Pure Substances and Mixtures


Enhance your students’ understanding of particle theory and how most matter can be classified as either a substance or a mixture. This workshop will give your students the opportunity to explore the composition of everyday items and how they impact society and the environment.



Grade 8: Fluids


Students in this workshop will have the chance to explore fluids and their applications in everyday systems. This workshop will allow them to observe properties of different fluids such as density and viscosity and how these properties impact a fluid’s use.



Discovery by Design (All Grades)


Students will have a blast in this workshop releasing their inner engineer! Instructors will introduce the engineering design cycle and how it can be applied to solve open-ended problems. Students will have the chance to plan, build, test, evaluate and repeat to come up with the best possible solution to a given design challenge.



Tech (Grades 3 to 8)


Get ready for an exciting introduction to coding and robotics in this workshop! Students will have the chance to participate in engaging activities that will introduce them to the basics of coding and how this code can be applied through robotics. We will provide the robots and laptops used during the workshop!