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Kindergarten - Grade 1: Musical Materials

Join us on a musical journey where we'll explore how everyday materials can create extraordinary sounds! In this workshop, students will discover how materials influence the sounds instruments make. Through hands-on activities, they'll design and construct their own musical instruments, unleashing their creativity while learning about the science and art of music. Get ready for a fun-filled workshop where imagination and music collide!

Grade 2: Solid, Liquid or Both?

In this workshop, students will delve into the captivating world of states of matter! Students will embark on a hands-on journey to discover the properties of solids and liquids. Through engaging experiments and activities, we'll investigate various materials, from traditional solids like ice to mysterious substances that can behave like both solids and liquids. Get ready for a fun-filled workshop where we'll unravel the mysteries of matter together!

Grade 3: Moving with the Wind

This workshop features the power of air in motion! In this workshop, students will learn how to harness the force of air to propel their own balloon-powered transportation. Through guided exploration and experimentation, students will explore concepts of force, motion, and aerodynamics as they design and build their. Prepare for a fun-filled learning experience where we'll uncover the secrets of air power and engineering!

Grade 4: Pulley Power

Get ready to hit the slopes and explore the mechanics of pulley systems in this workshop! In this hands-on design workshop, students will dive into the world of simple machines as they learn about the principles of pulleys. With creativity and teamwork, students will design and construct their very own miniature pulley systems. From understanding how pulleys work to applying their knowledge in a practical setting, students will experience the thrill of engineering while solving real-world challenges. Join us for a workshop packed with fun, learning, and working in a team!

Grade 5: Withstanding Forces

Students are in for an exciting adventure as they explore the fascinating world of speed, mass, and structural integrity in this workshop. Through a series of hands-on experiments and collaborative activities, students will immerse themselves in the world of automotive engineering. By subjecting their creations to simulated crashes, they'll uncover which structural designs excel at safeguarding the precious cargo. Get ready to witness the magic of science and engineering unfold in this engaging exploration of physics!

Grade 6: Space Flight

Get ready for blast off! In this workshop, students dive into the world of space technology. They'll design and build their own prototypes, and in a thrilling space simulation, they'll test their creations to ensure they can survive the challenges of outer space. Prepare for an adventure that's out of this world!

Grade 7: Engineering a Landing

Houston, we have a problem! In this workshop, Students will design and build a shock-absorbing system to protect their precious cargo during landing. Explore gravity, center of gravity, motion, and other forces crucial to space exploration. Engage in hands-on activities, teamwork, and iterative design processes to tackle real-world engineering challenges.

Grade 8: Fast and Furious Builders

Ahoy Sailors! Throughout this hands-on experience, participants will explore naval engineering as they discover the principles of buoyancy, stability, and payload capacity. Students will not only focus on speed, but also on the practical considerations of construction costs. By weighing materials and design choices, they’ll learn the importance of balancing performance with budgetary constraints. Set sail for adventure and let the race begin!