Workshop Topics

Workshop season 2023 is now open!

2023 Workshop Topics Are Up!

Workshops are available for grades K-8!

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Grade 1: Needs and Characteristics of Living Things

In this workshop, we will explore how living things need food, water, and a home, just like we do! Students will also learn about how living things can grow, change, and respond to their surroundings. Through fun activities and games, we’ll discover the amazing world of living things, from tiny bugs to big animals

Grade 2: Movement

This workshop allows students to discover the wonders of movement through a fun and interactive activity! In this workshop, students will get to build their own simple machines and explore the fascinating ways that humans use machines to move objects!

Grade 3: Strong and Stable Structures

In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to explore how everyday structures are designed for both strength and function! They’ll get to explore these concepts while designing and building their own structures!

Grade 4: Habitats and Communities

Just like us, animals and critters also need a place to live! Through engaging hands-on activities, students will have the opportunity to learn about different animals and their unique habitats as well as the intricate relationship between living things and the environment.

Grade 5: Properties of and Changes in Matter

In this workshop, we will be bringing to the laboratory to you! Students will have the opportunity to learn about the fascinating properties of matter and the differences between physical and chemical changes with the help of a fun science experiment!

Grade 6: Electricity and Electrical Devices

Electricity is a form of energy that students encounter every day! Students need opportunities to think about how electrical energy can be conserved both at home and at school and about alternative ways of producing energy!

Grade 7: Form and Function

In this workshop, students will continue to learn about the effects of forces that act on and within different structural forms. Students will become engineers for the day as they explore how different structural forms support or withstand loads. They’ll have the opportunity to design, build, and test their own structures using a variety of materials and tools!

Grade 8: Cells

In this workshop, students will discover the amazing complexity of the smallest unit of life – the cell. They’ll learn about the different types of cells found in plants and animals, and explore their unique structures and functions!

Tech Workshops

Get ready for an exciting introduction to coding and robotics in this workshop! Students will have the chance to participate in engaging activities that will introduce them to the basics of coding and how the code can be applied through robotics. We will provide the robots and laptops used during the workshop!

Discovery by Design

Students will have a blast in this workshop releasing their inner engineer! Instructors will introduce the engineering design cycle and how it can be applied to solve open-ended problems. Students will have the chance to plan, build, test, evaluate, and repeat to come up with the best possible solution to a given design challenge!