About Science Quest

Founded in 1988 by Jennifer Howard and Miye Cox (nee Kadonaga), two female Queen’s University engineering students, Science Quest has had 28 years of unparalleled success in Kingston and the surrounding area. Science Quest has spent the past 27 years increasing in size and improving in quality, and is now widely respected and well known all across Southern Ontario.

Science Quest is proud to provide Kingston and the greater area with in-class workshops during May and June, the highest quality of science and engineering summer camps during July and August, and on campus school year clubs programming from September- December, and January- March.

Each year Science Quest is able to inspire increasingly more youth with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programming, and reached over 5,000 students in 2014 alone. Science Quest is also proud to be one of the founding members of Actua, a nationally-recognized charitable organization which reaches over 225,000 youth per year in 500 communities across Canada.

Science Quest is run through the Engineering Society of Queen’s University, and is a 100% student run organization. All of our instructors are science and engineering undergraduate students who are extremely passionate about sharing their love of STEM programming with youth. All of our programming is developed by our awesome and knowledgeable instructor team and as a result each year’s programming is completely unique and representative of our staff’s interests.

Science Quest is committed to generating interest, enthusiasm, and passion for science and engineering in students all across Ontario- regardless of cultural, social, linguistic, or financial barriers- by providing innovative, tangible, hands-on educational experiences in an inspirational and inclusive environment. We provide both general and Aboriginal bursaries to ensure that as many kids have the opportunity to come to camp as possible.

This year we hope to be able to reach as many children as possible with the message that science and engineering should be fun, and to  become the spark which launches a child’s interest in continuing both their high school and post secondary education in STEM career pathways.

What does Science Quest do and why is it so important?

Science Quest Through the Decades


Science Quest Then and Now


Science Quest’s original summer crew from left to right- Jennifer Howard, Gunar Penikis, and Miye Cox (nee Kadonaga)- jumping for joy due to the success of the launch of Science Quest’s first ever summer in 1988.

The 2016 Science Quest Director Team from right to left- Alana Walsh (Outreach), Courtney McGrath (Head), and Spencer Seliga (Business). We can’t wait to meet you this summer!