Yeah, but that happens in any city. I mean even if they're "friendly" in some ways to werewolves (or just don't mind them that much) and you just waltz in and shapeshift, they're likely going to assume that you're attacking. Possible Fort Dawnguard secret » Mon Nov 19, 2012 8:35 am . I cannot tell if it may link to a secret or if it is just a random object. I brought Florentius to Fort Dawnguard and he tells me to talk to either Sorine or Gunmar.

The conversations seem to be pretty in-depth, too, judging by his dialogue. Florentius Baenius: Who is he talking to? Follow. After 3 days I sart to worry because i leave him alone and go back to Ruunvald and this guy still in … Reblog. Follow the road and you’ll eventually reach Fort Dawnguard.

* Dawnguard weapons are now craftable, and have "Elite" versions available as well, boosted up to Glass-tier. Salty-Fiend. Il est membre du célèbre groupe de Chasseurs et Chasseuses de Vampires nommé La Garde de l'Aube. I think that's a good indication on how they view werewolves. [verification needed — see talk page] Hello, I have noticed something in fort dawnguard that is interesting. 7. Unfollow. It's interesting. Tonight I did of curiosity and noticed something strange. Florentius Baenius seems pretty crazy, and I sincerely doubt that he's talking to Arkay, seeing as Arkay is sort of dead. Florentius Baenius is a priest of Arkay and a master trainer in Restoration at Fort Dawnguard.. Sells potions, food, ingredients, books (Spell Tome: Vampire's Bane, Spell Tome: Stendarr's Aura), and additionally buys weapons (Staves), scrolls and miscellaneous items (sculls).Initially he must be rescued from the fangs (literally) of vampire Minorne at the Ruunvald Temple. The friend in question is anyone that has a friendly disposition towards the Dragonborn, no matter who it is.It is even possible for the kidnapped friend to be a Jarl or children.

He will still show up at Fort Dawnguard later, making good on his parting words: "Don't worry, Arkay will show me the way." Florentius Baenius est un Impérial prêtre d'Arkay. After Sorine Jurard arrives at Fort Dawnguard and realizes the extent of the vampire problem after the abduction of a Moth Priest, she will say that a Priest Of Arkay named Florentius is a master alchemist who can, if recruited, be She suggests that Florentius Baenius could be useful in the Dawnguard's crusade against the vampires, and tells you to talk to Isran to learn about Florentius' whereabouts.

Florentius Baenius … Dawnguard florentius (spoilers) User Info: pcmike2 pcmike2 7 years ago #1 I rescued him from ruunvald, but he's nowhere to be found in fort dawnguard… skyrim dawnguard skyrim mods bloodborne enb skyrim screenshots fort dawnguard skyrim enb skyrim le. Possible Fort Dawnguard secret » Mon Nov 19, 2012 8:35 am Hello, I have noticed something in fort dawnguard that is interesting.
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† The alchemy lab, arcane enchanter, and forge are not initially present in the fort, but added during restorations to the fort just before the Prophet quest ends.