PROSE: The Liar, the Glitch and the War Zone; Missy has just escaped from the Daleks, setting this immediately after The Witch's Familiar. They trace him to Essex in 1138, where he has spent three weeks throwing a party.

She helps save the Doctor from Davros' scheme, but fiendishly attempts to trick the Doctor into killing Clara as they escape the crumbling Dalek city. Davros took control of Gemma and Samson and operated on the TARDIS after Samson had rendered the Doctor unconscious. Missy repairs her TARDIS after it is damaged during a collision with a Gryphon ship.
That's a long time for what's actually very little information. Roll credits. Missy has the last will and testament of the Doctor, called his confession dial, and tells Clara that they must search for him. When the Doctor goes into hiding from both his enemies and his friends, Clara and Missy join forces to track him down. W ould you leave a child to die on a battlefield? This would create a paradox I can see where you are coming from, as Davros could possibly be a deformed future version of the master, but no evidence says that a time lord cam regenerate into a … He sent Gemma and Samson home and left the TARDIS to be damaged by the self-destruct of the Nekkistani ship. 7 min read by Frank Collins. After Skaro Edit. Missy makes mention of Davros having one mechanical eye, implying the two may have met. Forty-five and a half minutes. Davros conquered Earth by causing mutations and creating new Daleks. Missy references the "Cloister Wars" and a night when the Doctor stole the Moon and the President's wife, though one of those incidents (or her suggestion that the … An older Doctor meets the younger Davros, knowing that he is still a little good, and wanting to help him. In the episode, Davros tricks the Doctor into using up his regeneration energy to heal Davros and the Dalek race as part of a plan to fulfil a prophecy about the creation of a Dalek-Time Lord hybrid. Davros established a link to the TARDIS. When the Doctor appears aboard the ship with the Master's own future incarnation, he meets his successor, ... and travels to Skaro with the pair to confront Davros. I mean, he has wiped out billions of Daleks probably, barely without a second thought. But we're not.

The Doctor finally meets Davros, and Missy and Clara get fried by the Daleks, except we know that's not true. And Davros letting the Doctor down by doing more evil stuff, but the Doctor never giving up on him. It would also explain why the Doctor has allowed Davros to live. Missy meets Davros for the first time in the Dalek City. It was good old Skaro all along.

Then we're off to a dinky little space hospital. In the opening two partner of season 9, Missy and Davros briefly met. Clara meets Missy in a town square with eight UNIT snipers and a few guards in tow.