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Il y a un an , j'ai repris sans le moindre doute, le même modèle, avec bien sûr, des options supplémentaires qui n'existaient pas en 2010

Generally, torque converter automatics are the most reliable.

Bonjour à tous, Je suis la malheureuse propriétaire d'une HONDA Jazz 1,4 l LS de 2004 dont la boite est morte à 165 000 km Selon plusieurs propriétaires et ex-propriétaires, le problème est récurrent, et pour certains, à un kilométrage bien inférieur à la mienne ! Honda Jazz Problems. When you stop and start again (e.g. No car is perfect, but we've gathered everything relating to the Honda Jazz reliability here to help you decide if it's a smart buy. I read in the Honda service manual that the automatic transmission is serviced at 36 months or 40,000 km. Honda CVT-7 transmissions are generally extremely reliable. More Expensive. Read more.

I had the same problem it turned out that Honda Fit (Jazz) has a CVT gearbox which requires special CVT oil that needs to be changed every 20K. There has also been a lot of trouble with VAG 7-speed dry clutch DSGs and s-tronics on smaller engined cars and with Ford 6-speed dry clutch Powershifts in the Ford Fiesta, Focus and C-Max. The technical Honda description for the fault is “start clutch judder on acceleration”. Anyway there are two solutions for that matter the first and cheaper is flushing the gearbox oil and replace it with a CVT oil which costs about $350 in Australia.

This is the first time I have seen this in a service manual.

Here is the list of some Honda CVT Transmission Problems : 1. 4. 15 …

By the time the face lift model was released Honda had changed the CVT transmission in the Jazz and the fault stopped occurring. Nissan CVTs aren't. The seven speed CVT gearbox was introduced on the Jazz range in 2002.

La première m' a donné toutes les satisfactions possibles. The seven speed CVT gearbox was introduced on the Jazz range in 2002. So are Toyota CVTs. Suspensions AV changees a 205 000.Peinture des retroviseurs qui s' ecaille a partir de 120 000km . Honda is well aware of the issue and has released multiple bulletins on it. ... Had a problem with fuel consumption after about 2 years which suddenly dropped to about 55mpg from about 60mpg. The Honda Jazz has been a consistent performer in the Auto Express Driver Power survey for over a decade. BM, 100, 2009, Executive : Pompe à carburant. !

Honda Jazz Problems. With the Honda Jazz there are widely reported issues with the window control units, which may appear hesitant and slow to respond to control switches, so make sure that you thoroughly check every door as the problem is localised. $2k will be a removal of the CVT and replacement of the start clutch unit. I would like to know what sort of problem that involves. 3. The worst complaints are engine, brakes, and electrical problems. I have read that the CVT transmission in the Honda Jazz VTIS can be troublesome.

Doing the CVT flush is not always gonna fix all your problems… What is the difference between the VTi 5D Hatchback GE (1.5) and VTi 5D Hatchback MY06 (1.5)? Je l'ai gardée 10 ans ( 150.OOOkms) sans le moindre souci , je n'ai même pas changé la pile de la télécommande. The 2016 Honda Jazz has 7 problems & defects reported by Jazz owners. However, being almost eight years old, … No Change in Gear Shift. I would like to know what sort of problem that involves. I also have a 2012 Mazda CX5, 2.0-litre FWD 2012 and there is no mention C'est ma seconde Honda Jazz. at a traffic light) it judders for a couple of seconds as you accelerate.

Jazz 1.4 CVT, de 2004, 210 000km : Roulements AV changes (sous garantie), Lecteur CD HS a 160 000km, radio HS a 195 000.

For the extra 1-2k for a Jazz, you are always gonna be better off. This bought in a number of problems that are indicators of damage or partial failure within the unit. Honda Jazz hatchback (2007-2015) 1. I also have a 2012 Mazda CX5, 2.0-litre FWD 2012 and there is no mention Jerky Movement. Gearbox problems.