These rules are necessary as each urban centre has special driving situations. To permit the police to function effectively, they have been given certain powers. However, bylaws must complement The Traffic Safety Act, Saskatchewan's traffic laws.

In case of a difference in interpretation between the translated version and the laws and regulations governing Saskatchewan drivers and vehicles, the laws and regulations prevail. Driver distraction or inattention is one of the top causes of collisions, injuries and fatalities on Saskatchewan roads. Below is a synopsis of Hand-Held Cell Phone Legislation … Doing two things at once isn't such a big deal.

Distracted driving is a national issue. Cities, towns and some villages have their own set of 'rules of the road,' known as bylaws. We do it all the time - walking and talking, jogging and listening to music, or singing and dancing. Distracted driving fines to more than double in Saskatchewan to $580 for 1st offence. Google Translate is a third-party tool, and is not owned or administered by SGI. In 2018, it was a factor in more than 6,000 collisions, 774 injuries and 22 deaths. As a result, all 10 provinces in Canada have some form of cell phone/distracted driving legislation in place. Drivers in Saskatchewan will have an extra incentive to put down their cellphones starting in February, as distracted driving fines are set to more than double. Driver inattention and distraction is responsible for 21% of all collisions. Those who use their phones behind the wheel in Saskatchewan should prepare for their wallets to get a lot lighter — the provincial government is beefing up its distracted driving laws. “Enough is enough,” Minister Responsible for SGI Joe Hargrave said. There are 2 laws in Saskatchewan that address distracted driving: cellphone legislation; driving without due care legislation; Cellphone legislation. On Tuesday, the government announced tougher penalties will come into effect Feb. 1, with escalating fines for repeat offences within a 12-month period.

It’s illegal to use, hold, view or manipulate a hand-held cellphone while driving. Distracted driving continues to be a problem in Saskatchewan. Cellphones are among the biggest distractions drivers face. It is the number 1 contributing factor in collisions overall and one of the top 3 factors in fatal collisions. On average, it leads to 41 fatalities a year in Saskatchewan. Enforcement. SGI is not responsible for any errors or omissions as a result of the translation.