Traducir fossil fuel de Inglés a español. Traducir fossil fuel de Inglés a español.

Renewable energy remains much more costly than the cheapest fossil fuel power. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The so-called energy

The United States is 85 percent dependent on fossil fuel or manufacturing.

Some natural resources, such as natural gas and fossil fuel, cannot be replaced. Coal is a fossil fuel. It is a non-renewable resource because it comes from carbon-based organic matter that is … Autos.

Fossil fuels have caused irreversible damage to the environment. This article is … Vehicles, industry and agriculture produce the gas when they burn fossil fuels.

53 examples: In recent times, agriculture has become a major fossil fuel energy user. 4. Burning fossil fuels uses oxygen and produces carbon dioxide. All the machines of modern life require energy to make them run. 2.

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A further twist to the uncertainty of fossil fuel supplies was provided by the growing militancy of Britain's miners.

Otherwise, the only fossil fuel they consume is the paraffin they put in their lamps. : Although greenhouse gases come from many sources, fossil fuel combustion is the prime human-induced source. - The… fossil fuel definition: The definition of fossil fuel is an organic substance from the geologic period which is found underground and is used as a source of energy.

The United Kingdom is working on eliminating fossil fuels and using 100% renewable resources.

Different types of fossil fuels have been used throughout history. CK 1 32325 He is a living fossil!CM 3001458 Tom is interested in fossils.CK 25343 Fossil fuel prices shot through the roof. Now a new bill hastily making its way through the Louisiana State Legislature would dramatically increase those penalties for trespassing on fossil fuel sites during a state of emergency, setting a mandatory minimum of three years in prison “at hard labor” and a maximum of 15 years, and up to $5,000 in fines. 2808756 Tom found a fossil.Hybrid 1 25341 Fossil fuels won't be available forever. Most of the fuels come from non-renewable sources; once used, they are gone forever. Find descriptive alternatives for fossil fuel. The world depends on a great deal of its energy in the form of fossil fuels.

No, Germany Did Not Issue A Death Sentence For Fossil-Fuel Cars. While clean energy is becoming popular for main energy, fossil fuels are relied on for backup energy for industry and commercial buildings. : The project also has the added benefit of replacing non-renewable fossil fuels with a renewable agricultural-based fuel.

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Fossil fuel is very polluting.